Alykat Asuna Kitty

aka Kitty

"Master of All Trades."

The Mysterious Story of Alykat Kitty

Kitty was born under a different name and raised in Eorzea's neighbor, Ala Mhigo to the Royal Family. As she grew, she got accustomed to the lifestyle that was similar to that of a princess. She was living a comfortable life, until the day came that the Empire decided to overtake Gyr Abania.

Between the fellow Alamigan citizens wishing to tear down the monarchy and the Garleans wishing to seize control of the region, the Royal Family had no choice but to try and flee, much like the rest of the citizens. Among the chaos, Kitty had been struck down and had begun her rejoining with the lifestream. However, a mysterious man that had lingered on the battlefield rescued her from the untimely demise.

From the battlefields, the man brought her to the streets of the glittering city of Ul'dah, where she would receive the new name of Alykat Kitty, as her memory of her past life was but a mystery to her. Her life in Ul'dah was not much different from the rest of the homeless and orphans that roamed the streets. However, she was met by a young, black haired hyur named Lily Castellanos.

Lily would essentially adopt Kitty into her family, just as she had done with several other people who lived out on the streets. It was under her tutelage that she would be taught how to fight and defend herself. Seeing that she had a natural affinity to learning the skills, she would enter herself into the underground fighting rings. There she would earn her fame and coin as a renowned fighter and eventually champion.

Once achieving champion status, she would move on to another trade which brought her to Gridania. While in Gridania she made many friends. She started clubbing and a chance encouter reunited her with Her maker but the story is just getting started....(feel free to ask for more of the story)

Name: Asuna Alykat Kitty (original name a mystery) (Jenova)

Race: Vampire Miqote

Nationality: Ala Mhigan

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Marital Status: Single

Age: Unknown/Immortal

Profession(s): Master of all Trades

Personality: cocky, smart, sweet, very loyal, protective,curiousity rules her.


  • cookies

  • clubbing

  • hanging with her friends

  • being spoiled

  • fighting side by side with people dear to her.


  • sad faces

  • people being assholes

  • using other as messengers have something to say she prefer it from your mouth.

  • She extremely dislikes people judging others based on rumors/hersay.

  • Has an irrational fear of being off the ground.

Family and Affiliations:

  • Lily Castellanos(Morningstar) (adopted sister)

  • Tsuki Shi (adopted sister)

  • Umbral Design ( Best friend)

  • Neko Lassqueen (Best friend)

  • Taeki Fugetsu (trainer)

  • The Mountain ( weapons trainer)

  • Yui Koioto (adopted sis)

  • Edgy Mcedgerson (ex-husband/best friend)

  • Hello there~! I am an RPer who been around for a bit but still takes a little time with the other person before i really warm up. I am open for most PG13 types of RP, Battle RP, and ERP is accepted if discussed before hand

  • I am open for any relations between characters, be they short term or long term. If you would like to become family, talk to me first before the big reveal! I love doing wholesome and ERP all the same!

  • I am not comfortable with most of the gruesome, or horrific settings in nature, but I am still open minded to many different scenarios so ask me before it happens!

  • Want to Battle RP let me know. Want Some pics taken- I need all the Practice. Want someone to do content with you- I am down for it.

  • If you have any more inquiries please feel free to send a /tell to Alykat Kitty or on Discord: Kats Kribs Games #0806